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When I was asked to write anecdotes about life in Havana, many ideas crossed my mind. The city’s history, its beauty, its architecture, its people, its customs, its art. But really, what could I write about that would be thought-provoking, and hasn’t been written before? I have therefore decided to write about my experiences as a young woman as they relate to the cultural life of Havana. Its’ nightclubs, bars, concerts, and other events. Maybe it will be more of the same, but sometimes seeing life through someone else’s eyes makes for interesting reading. So perhaps through the eyes of this twenty-four-year old, you will be able to see a side of Havana you would otherwise be blind to. Enough chit chat, I invite you to read some of my tall tales, and of course, please let me know what you think!


Before you hear about my experiences, you should know who I share them with. Fortunately, I have many friends, some from college, and some from childhood. However, as a working woman, I have begun to associate with new people. I have recently become part of a clique, and due to our varied personalities, we have named ourselves the League of Justice. The name arose from not only the comic books, but also a piece that was being presented in the experimental workshop of serigraphy in Old Havana.

The League is made of the Hulk, who I consider my sister. She is a very honorable person, who can be extremely passionate. We also have the Invisible Woman, who lives in her own universe, and is fortunate to have a transparent boyfriend, no matter how old fashioned that may sound. Let us not forget Elastic Woman, the one that stands out the most amongst us, and who happens to have incredible qualities for dancing. And myself, Iron Woman, the reason for my nickname being quite obvious. Quite simply, it is difficult for me to show my emotions, even though I oftentimes end up showing them to accomplish my job.


There is something here for everyone. You have the street merchants selling flowers, chips, peanuts, wine, lighters,… and I think even caskets, the couples looking for a romantic space, and without enough money to go somewhere else, the drunks and crazy people who are searching for a reality that they can only find near the ocean, and lastly people like us, who see both the good and the bad that is on display in Havana’s “malecon,” and still enjoy it.

On Havana’s “malecon,” is where the League was founded, with two founding statutes; number one, take no BS, and number two, feel until it hurts, and when you think it can’t hurt any more, keep feeling!

And thus, with a bottle of rum, a can of soda, cigarettes, and a prayer to Yemaya* that she bring before us the Transparent Man, we began an endless number of adventures.

*Yemaya is the deity of the seas in the Afro Cuban religion Santeria.

BY Clao York

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