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Salsa music is the one style of music that stirs the ancestors of all Cubans. My country needs popular dance music so that we can move our hips. Even people with two left feet dance a little, and this just happens to be the slogan of a new Cuban television show being produced by Cuban television channel RTV. There are numerous events that foster this style of music and dance among us Creoles. One of these is the Festival of Salsa, which is organized by Maykel Blanco, the director of the salsa orchestra Salsa Mayor. Otherwise known as Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor. This event is being held at the Tablao hall of the Grand Theatre of Havana Alicia Alonso, formerly known as the National Ballet, and before the 1959 revolution the Centro Gallego of Havana.

This event is not alone, as there are many more which hope to restore the first place position salsa once held for Cubans. These also bring salsa to the attention of foreigners, and place it in the limelight of Cuba’s musical history. Some of these events include Baila en Cuba, and La Fiesta del Tambor which is directed my maestro Gerardo Piloto. These all help to attract visitors to the island, which has become a popular tourist destination in the last two years. Havana night clubs are also holding special salsa dancing nights, including the Salon Rosado de la Tropical Benny More, La Casa de la Musica in Havana and Miramar, and the Bailar Casino in the Jardines del 1830. Some of the artists participating in these events include of course Maykel Blanco, El Nino y la Verdad, El Noro y Primera Clase, and more.

Something happened to me recently which served to solidify my belief that Cubans love to dance and move their hips, especially to salsa music. While I was preparing this blog, I asked a friend what she liked most about salsa music. She answered, “Dancing it of course!”

I will say it again, in Cuba even those with two left feet dance salsa!”

By Clao York

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