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This blog is my response to an article in the January 20, 2020 edition of Cuba’s “Trabajadores” newspaper. The headline reads, “Imperioso Eliminar la Trabas que Lastran la Economía.” I have cited the text for anyone who may doubt my translation of such. Translation reads, “Elimination of Shackles (Tangles) that are a Deadweight on our Economy is Urgent.”

The article quotes Cuba’s new “president-select,” Miguel Diaz-Canel during a meeting of Cuba’s Ministry of Work and Social Security, “…the urgency of eliminating deadweight that holds back progress in fields relating to work, and especially ridges like employment and salary.” What a bizarre statement!

In a country where the communist party has held power for over sixty years and has never allowed any other entity to question its decisions or those of its supreme leader, this statement attests to the failure of the communist party. If anything is holding back progress it must have been created and allowed to exist by the communist party and its leaders. The article further quotes Diaz-Canel, “We take too long to make decisions and that is a deadweight of bureaucratism.” The new president of a country that is actually ruled by a ninety year-old man who leads a “revolutionary” movement, that for thirty years forced every working age person to have a government job and outlawed private employment, is now saying that this creation of Cuban communism is a deadweight. The quote continues, “We do not implement with coherency all options to mobilize human resources and should dedicate our thoughts to this.” What? Why isn’t the communist party and its multitude of ministries doing this already? Was it an error in thinking? When did it begin? Cuba today has over three times as many provinces as it did in 1959 without territorial expansion or significant population growth? Was this increase in the number of provinces necessary to create more bureaucracy? Will they now eliminate a few provinces to eliminate their bureaucracy? Keep in mind that this bureaucracy employs about half of Cuba's workers.

The communist party of Cuba and the huge bureaucracy that it has relied upon to maintain its hold on power is what is holding Cuba back and is the deadweight that must be cut loose. In a nation where approximately half of all privately owned vehicles are over sixty years-old, water and sewer systems are collapsing, and government employees are paid a yearly salary that only covers a month’s worth of expenses, the only thing guaranteeing the communist party’s continued existence is the army and police.

They have destroyed the island’s wealth and have never been able to create prosperity outside of their small ruling circle, they have been losing their youngest and brightest for generations, and the future is bleak for Cuba if they continue in power.

This is the link, http://www.trabajadores.cu/ediciones-impresas/, to the “Trabajadores” website, just click on January 20, 2020 to see the full article.

By Frank Gonzalez

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