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The mini-fuel crisis from early February is over, and both gasoline and diesel fuel are available at Cuba’s Oro Negro and Cupet service stations. However, two to three-hour power outages have become daily occurrences throughout many Havana neighborhoods. Certain food staples and personal hygiene products are becoming hard to find throughout the island.

Jose Machado Ventura, the ninety-year-old Second Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party stated while on a visit to a government farm in Holguin Province that from here on out every inch of cultivable land in Cuba will be utilized. While at another farm in the same province he learned of an apparently new breed of chickens being raised on the island which "can eat both feed and other things."

Cuba’s National Baseball Series will have a new schedule this season, the first phase of the season will begin in April and end in August, with all sixteen teams playing 75 games. The second 45 game phase will run from September to December, with the top six teams, and the playoffs and championship series will be in January.

The “Suburban, Urban, and Family Agriculture” program is a big hit throughout Cuba. The program is in its thirty-second year and was implemented to add capacity to the island’s food production by putting arable land into production near Cuban cities, and apparently, it’s also a way to combat the U.S. trade embargo. With the millions of tons of fruit and vegetable production that is attributed to this program it is unbelievable that Cuba needs to import any food. The program was created on Raul Castro’s orders in 1987, and he received an award this year from the Santiago Province “Suburban, Urban, and Family Agriculture Program” for this brilliant idea.

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