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Just past Fusterlandia and the Marina Hemingway in the Havana municipality of Jaimanitas is Santy Pescador, where you can order simple but just caught and delicious sashimi. The selection of sashimi is sometimes limited to one species of fish, but it is always excellent and well prepared. The beers at Santy’s are cold, and the river side seating is reminiscent of the early 1990’s Miami River restaurants, that have since become overcrowded and overpriced. Santy’s “Cuban style” ceviche is unique, and not like traditional ceviche. Cooked fish filets are also excellent, and the grilled octopus is one of the best in Havana. They also serve pulpo a la Gallega, which is a typical dish from the northwestern Spanish province of Galicia. They offer three or four types of pie for dessert, and they are all good. Service at Santy is not great, but usually not bad, unless it’s full, in which case good luck!

You won’t need an address to find Santy Pescador, just get to Jaimanitas and ask where it is. There is a good possibility that you will bump into some of Cuba’s elite, or maybe even an international movie star while you’re there. Santy’s was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s second Cuba episode. The restaurant is located right on a small river, a few blocks from the ocean, and the Club Havana canals are visible from the restaurant. If you have a hard time climbing stairs make sure to reserve a downstairs table, and do make reservations, since tour buses tend to fill Santy up during lunch hour. Prices for a main dish range from $6 to $18 CUC, and drinks from $2 to $3 CUC.

The small town of Jaimanitas is at the western end of Havana, just past the suburb of Miramar. When you get there, ask for directions to Santy, and phone number is 7 272 4998.

By Frank Gonzalez


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