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Everything has a beginning. I remember the popularity of the musical group Interactivo during my first year of college. I was getting over the end of a three-year relationship, which forced me to go out as much as possible. One of the most popular spots at the time was the Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center in Vedado. The scheduled groups at Bertolt Brecht have always been varied, and include fusion, pop, rock, and more. In that basement space I was introduced to the spectacle directed by Robertico Carcasses, and believe me, it is a spectacle.

Known as Interactivo, the group is composed of a heterogeneous number of music personalities, which are known for their participation in the group, and by their work as individual artists. These include the trumpet player Julito Padron, the rapper Telemary, singer/drummer Brenda Navarrete, trombonist Juan Carlos Marin, drummers Oliver Valdes and drummer Marypaz. And of course Carcasses himself, a renowned director and highly respected musician.

I cannot forget my adventures during this period of my life. The most popular event at the time was the QVA Libre matinee at the Café Cantante at the National Theatre, from 5:00pm ‘till midnight, and then head to Bertolt Brecht. I never missed one! To this day I take a Wednesday off, and relive those days. My faithful companion was, and still is, my cousin, who I nicknamed Ivan the Terrible. So you can make sense of the alias, I will explain. She acts like a princess, she’s beautiful, thin, very sexy, and with a big heart. She's a heart breaker! I have yet to meet a man who can resist her charms. My other friend Iron Woman would often accompany us.

Once we became regulars we were able to avoid the long lines to get in, and waiting for Wednesday to arrive eventually became torturous for me. When I went down those steps, and heard the music, I entered another world. I can close my eyes, and return to those wonderful moments at any time.

By Clao York

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