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I don’t feel well when it’s 11:00pm on a Saturday night, and I’m still at home thinking about where I should go dancing! Since all the new clubs have been opening around Havana, it’s become harder to decide. Not that I’m complaining about the way it was before, when there were only two or three options.

Last weekend I discovered a new place that I loved, and it’s called Fantaxy. I decided to have a smoke before going in, and was surprised to see how nicely decorated the smoking area was. There was beautifully carved wooden framed mural that was filled with empty wine bottles, and there was a large window through which I could see a chef sliding a pizza into a wood burning oven. Amazing, the things you see in Havana these days! I was even more surprised when I the double doors at the entrance opened, and before me was one of the largest dance floors in Havana, packed with well-dressed partiers. The room was full of mirrors, and the bar top appeared endless, and this was my first stop. I ordered a gin and tonic, which left me speechless. There were juniper seeds in my drink, something I had never seen before, and only discovered after asking the bartender.

I decided to dance and enjoy the evening! The dance floor was full, and over the music I could hear different languages being spoken, and a lot of laughter. They were playing reggaetón, and once I started I didn’t stop. I danced on my way back to the bar, and realized I had chosen the right venue for the night.

I am still curious as to why it’s Fantaxy with an x, and I know I’ll forget to ask the next time I return, because once you’re in there, all you want to do is dance. Fantaxy is in the Havana suburb of Miramar, on Seventh Avenue between 70th and 68th Streets.

By Alfredo Rodriguez

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