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Do you consider yourself a friendly person? Many consider Americans, Canadians, and Irishmen among the friendliest of people, but they pale in comparison to Cubans. When you make a friend in Cuba, you have made a friend for life. Experiencing so many difficulties, for so many years, has made Cubans dependent on one another, and welcoming to strangers. Regardless of your origin, Cubans are usually happy to be your host and share the little that they have. Besides all the problems and difficulties in their daily lives, Cubans still find many reasons to smile and carry on.

I have had experiences with a few Americans who turned on the water-works after a brief visit to my country, because they did not want to leave. Americans and Cubans are not that different, and like most people around the world are similar in many ways. We are all humans, right? When you visit Cuba, you will experience a country like no other in the western hemisphere and may make a new friend for life. You will not forget Cuba and its’ people, and they will not forget you!

By David Hernandez

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