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Guide Felipe Rodriguez Alonso working a permit in Las Salinas


Cuba offers adventurous anglers some of the best fly fishing in all the Caribbean area. Although the island has become a popular destination with American travelers over the past three years, it is mostly off the radar for fly fishing, and this is unfortunate. In my opinion Cuba has what is probably the best fly fishing in the entire Caribbean basin. Some of the Though Cuba has become a popular destination for Americans in the past couple of years, it is mostly off the map for most fly fishermen. This is unfortunate, because Cuba offers possibly the best fly fishing in the Caribbean. Long forbidden to U.S. citizens, since the December 2014 rapprochement between President Obama and the leader of Cuba’s communist party, Cuba is much easier to reach from the U.S. There are over forty daily flights from at least ten major U.S. airports, including airports in Atlanta, Charlotte, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, New York, Tampa, and of course, Miami. If your trip conforms to current federal regulations regarding travel to the island, fly fishing can be incorporated into any cultural exchange or people to people tour of the island.

Lack of infrastructure and boats is probably the weakest link in the Cuba fly fishing chain, however, it’s this weakest link that provides you with the opportunity to cast a fly where no one else has. The waters are clean, crystal clear, and appear untouched by the twenty-first century, and even the twentieth century. Las Salinas is within a Cuban national park, and the number of fish is unbelievable. In Las Salinas, you will be able to present your fly to snook, permit, tarpon, and bonefish. The bonefish numbers are beyond belief, I saw three different schools within casting distance of each other on a trip in March2017. The area has provided several anglers with flats grand slams in the past few years. Some of our guests have spent three days on the water in Las Salinas, and they haven’t seen any other boats on the water.

One of the guides who works for us in Las Salinas is Felipe Rodriguez Alonso, a legend on and off the island. The boats we provide for our guests in Las Salinas are 17’ Beaver Tail skiffs with 40hp and 50hp Suzuki four strokes, and they are large and stable enough for two anglers. Contact Cuba Travel Trips for your unforgettable fishing adventure in Cuba.

Let us be your guide to Cuba!

By Frank Gonzalez

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