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Cuba will celebrate the 58th anniversary of its’ “revolutionary” film industry during 2018. The celebration began on February 13th, 2018, with the presentation of several restored films in select Havana theatres. Cuba’s film archives have been transferred to a new home in Havana’s Nuevo Vedado municipality where they will be properly stored and protected. According to Cuban Cinematheque Vice-Director Dolores Calvino, the new home for Cuba’s film collection is suitable for long term storage, so the island’s film history, both before and after 1959, can be properly maintained. “We have all of the archive’s records here and over two-hundred films which have recently been restored, and we will begin playing them at theatres across the island during the year. Hopefully we will create new fans of some of our classic films,” Mrs. Calvino said during a recent encounter.

Among the restored films awaiting a new release is “Fresa y Chocolate,” the first of the restored films to be presented, and already a favorite among many younger Cubans. Along with the rescreening of films, the year long celebration will also include presentations of classic film posters, some original and some reproductions. Along with “Fresa y Chocolate,” “Se Permuta” was also restored and remastered. “It is the first time we have taken on a job of this magnitude here at the postproduction department of ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography Industry),” stated Sara Vega, an ICAIC graphic specialist.

The restoration of Cuba’s classic films was completed with the help of the Walt Film Foundation in Bologna, Germany. The first film was presented at the Arte Cubano building and recognized the service rendered by Cuba’s cinematheque workers to the nation.

By Clao York

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