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To see the world, breath new air and shake up life’s routine, adults need it and children love it! Packing and planning is thrilling for them, and they want to decide what to take and pack their own bags.

Cuba is a tempting destination, the colors and beaches, music, architecture, food, customs, people, it is a beautiful and welcoming island that makes every visitor feel special, but children especially feel alive, they sense the energy that flows through Cuba and its’ people. Without a doubt the beach is their preferred spot, where they’ll want to spend most of their time.

There are countless places to visit in Havana, the aquarium, the zoo, Old Havana and its’ many museums, where children can wander and explore. While they may not be as nice as their American counterparts, small children usually see things in a much better light than we adults do, and many of these places will provide them with unforgettable experiences. The Cuban province of Pinar del Rio is a wonderful place for children, offering two great outdoor destinations, Las Terrazas and the Valley of Vinales.

Be aware that tap water should not be consumed in Cuba, so you will need bottled water, and plenty of it! Cuba is very hot and humid year-round, with only occasional breaks from the heat from December through February. It is important to keep children hydrated while they are here, especially if they are physically active during the day. You should probably also stay away from uncooked vegetables and greens, as their consumption could create stomach problems. Sun screen is also of vital importance, and not just for a day at the beach.

You should be aware that disposable diapers are difficult to find in Cuba, and wipes even more difficult. Besides being difficult to find, they are usually of poor quality, so be sure to pack plenty of both. Powdered milk is usually available around Havana and many tourist destinations, however, it may not be the kind your child is accustomed to.

The entire family can enjoy Cuba, but no one enjoys it more than children. Make sure to bring plenty of milk and diapers, and surrender to the experience that is Cuba. Let your children guide you, and they will help you make the most of your trip!

By Luz Grajales


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